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Notre processus artisanal : révéler la beauté des bijoux faits à la main

Our artisanal process: revealing the beauty of handmade jewelry

Craftsmanship is at the heart of who we are at LC. The founders, Mahaut & Barbara, have always been passionate about craftsmanship and have chosen to work with a qualified workshop to bring their vision to life. By partnering with craftsmen in Portugal and Spain, Little Court guarantees the production of jewelry with character, carefully designed and made with love.

The workshops are often family businesses, with techniques transmitted from generation to generation, and are unique in their kind. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of artisanal jewelry workshops and their importance to our industry.

Handcrafted jewelry in workshops is designed to be durable and timeless. Artisans work with high quality materials, such as gold, silver and precious stones, and use traditional manufacturing techniques to create jewelry that reflects their craftsmanship and creativity. The manufacture of a jewel requires more than 160 minutes of work by hand. We produce our editions in small quantities, to guarantee their quality and durability.

Artisanal workshops are therefore centers of know-how and tradition. The craftsmen are experts in their field, having acquired their experience and know-how over the years. The transmission of traditional manufacturing techniques from generation to generation guarantees the preservation of acquired skills and knowledge. These places are also a place of training for young passionate craftsmen who seek to acquire skills in jewelry making.

One of the benefits of working with artisans is their flexibility in design and production. Our designer, Barbara, works directly with them to achieve the desired result and create unique jewelry.

The importance of workshops and craftsmanship in the jewelry industry is undeniable. They bring a personal touch and a story to each jewel, and offer superior quality and unfailing durability. Craft workshops are essential to preserve the cultural heritage that traditional craftsmanship represents, but also to ensure its transmission to future generations.

In conclusion, artisan jewelry workshops are places of creation and know-how that guarantee the production of superior quality, unique and timeless jewelry. Our partner workshop plays a crucial role in the design and creation of our jewelry. Thanks to their profession, we can guarantee our customers that Little Court jewelery is exceptional pieces, which can be kept for life.


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